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Founder/Inspirational Speaker

Caroline "Blaze" Jensen will motivate your teams to overcome obstacles, be resilient, and ABOVE ALL, be brilliant under pressure. She's learned these skills as a combat fighter pilot, as the Right Wing for the USAF Thunderbirds, and as a single parent. She's a proven leader in and out of the cockpit.


Pre-Order Thundermouse

PRE-ORDER NOW! RELEASE OCT 13, 2023! When the US Air Force Thunderbirds selected Caroline “Blaze” Jensen to fly with the team her son was only three years old. As much as he loved going to airshows, he was sad whenever his mom left home. She traveled at least four nights a week during airshow season. On the nights she was lucky enough to tuck him into bed, Blaze and Finn devised a plan: They joked that Finn could turn into a mouse, stow away in the cushion, and experience all of the adventures flying around with Mom. Thundermouse was born.  

You can also join Blaze for her Book Launch on Friday, October 13, 2023 at the Commemorative Air Force Minnesota Wing Museum. 

Podcasts & Presentations

 Dreaming Beyond Obstacles with Caroline "Blaze" Jensen

Lt. Col. Caroline

"Blaze" Jensen

Win Or Learn - Lessons from the first mom to be a Thunderbird pilot

Thunderbird Pilot Caroline "Blaze" Jensen


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